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Needed: STEM professionals for CSO Industry Partnership

STEM professionals are needed for the Chief Science Officer (CSO) STEM Industry Partnership

An aspiration of the Laveen School District is to pursue partnerships that benefit students, families and the community as a whole. We recognize partnering with STEM industry professionals will help create a greater understanding and enthusiasm for STEM professions. The objective for our partnership with STEM industry professionals will be to partner STEM professionals with our established Chief Science Officer program in order to increase STEM visibility.

The goal for 2021/22 school year is to establish a STEM industry partner at every school in the Laveen School District with the intent of collaborating on a STEM project. Projects could include the following: develop a schoolwide STEM project intended at increasing the visibility of STEM within the school community, present at a Chief Science Officers meeting, participate in the District-Wide STEM Signature Event.

In order to establish the partnership between STEM professionals, and Chief Science Officers Dr. Roselle will do the following:

  • Invite STEM professionals to a virtual orientation meeting
  • Introduce STEM professionals to the following school personal: Principal, Chief Science Officer Sponsor, Chief Science Officers, Parents and School Secretary.
  • Establish a school contact
  • Establish a district contact (e.g., Dr. Roselle at Laveen School District)
  • Ensure that all student interactions are supervised by a school staff member (all communication will go through a staff member).

For more information, download the flyer (PDF).

Published: about 1 day ago

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