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ISEF 2021 is in need of Judging Proctors (super easy and fun) for the virtual event

This is open to anyone age 20+.  The judging proctor role is perfect for parents, teachers, college students, retirees, and anyone who can handle possibly screen-sharing documents, connecting with the Society when there is an issue with a judge, finalist or interpreter.

The Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), will be held virtually in 2021, with judging taking place online from May 3-6. This year there is a unique opportunity for educators to support our judging process by serving as proctors during the video conference interviews.

  • The Society for Science, which owns and produces Regeneron ISEF, is seeking judges and volunteers to support ISEF.  Judging is an opportunity for members of the scientific community to support and engage with the next generation of scientists and engineers.
  • Proctors will serve as adult supervision and advocate for the student finalists for a project during a 3-hour time block of 8 – 20-minute interview periods.  As a proctor, you will support sharing of project materials, provide minor technology support and be an additional adult in the judging interview to support appropriate behavior of all participants.
  • For students needing language assistance, there will also be an interpreter assigned to the project.

Here are some instructions on how to easily sign up:

Register to be a proctor here:

  1. Click the button “Register for an Event”
  2. Enter your Email and First Name.  (This checks to be sure you are not already in the system from a previous year as a volunteer”
  3. Next page is where you create your Volunteer Profile
  4. Once you finish that, you will go to a page – look for “ISEF Event Registration”
  5. Click “Select a Volunteer Below”  This is a dropdown menu.  Click on the down arrow and you should see your name. 
  6. Click on your name.
  7. Click below “Select and Event Below”  There is only one, unless you pre-qualified yourself as an interpreter in one of the languages when setting up your profile.
  8. So, if you haven’t already, click on “Judging Appointment Proctor”
  9. Then Click “choose time slot(s) and register for the selected event(s)
  10. Click on the box(s) day(s)/time(s) you are interested in Proctoring.
  11. Click “Register”

Remember your login and password and you can go back in and edit, if you need to later on.

Published: about a year ago

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