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...a place dedicated in the long tradition of ACESA for assisting Arizona's engineering and science organizations in meeting their communication needs.

ACESA now extends this idea to Arizona's educators by offering a forum where teachers can publicize and/or request assistance for science fairs and classroom activities from ACESA, our members, and the Arizona STEM community-at-large.

This is the plain-English explanation of the rules and policies for

For our members

Operating as an Arizona non-profit organization, ACESA supports and sponsors prizes and awards for STEM student competitions. Membership in ACESA is a way to promote the continuing success of ACESA and because membership dues are used for the student prize fund and also for the ongoing maintenance of this website.

To become an ACESA member, contact any Board member.

For our readers publishes news and event information provided directly by our contributing members and educators. The information is provided as-is, and ACESA offers no warranty of any kind.

News and events of general interest are posted by ACESA directly on behalf of non-member organizations or groups not associated with ACESA. This could include large-scale events like Intel science fair, or smaller events like the Chandler Night of Art and Science.

Our intention is to provide a family-friendly site that contains timely and accurate information about Arizona STEM activities. Any comments or concerns should be addressed to the site webmaster or to an ACESA Board member. This site is maintained by volunteers so it may take a few days to address any issues.

For our authors

Information posted on should be focused on news and events of Arizona STEM organizations and the education community. Product announcements are OK, political commentary is not OK; this is not a blog.

Posting on is a privelege offered by the ACESA Board, and the Board reserves the right to allow or not allow any organization or person to post information. To enforce content-based restrictions, Board members may edit, hide or delete postings, or rescind permission to post.

In order to post on, begin by contacting a Board member. Once an organization is approved, every author must register and be approved separately. Authors must provide contact information such as an email or phone number, and will be verified through the organization's official channels. An organization may have multiple approved authors, and any author can create or edit any news or event item for that organization.

Teachers must register in the same way, and will be listed under their school district. Any teacher for that district may create or edit any news or event item for that district.

All authors must check the "Author Agreement" box on their personal Account Profile Management page. If you do not have an account on, you can create one by clicking here.

At this time there is no provision to upload photos or documents to the website, so you will need an alternative host (for example, your Google photos page). Permission to link to/from another website is your responsibility. However, small images can be cut-n-pasted into an article as required. Photo credits and copyright releases are also your responsibility.

A news or event item may be created and edited without being published. An author must indicate that the item is ready for public viewing by checking the "Publish" box on the edit page. Similarly, items must separately indicate approval for sharing on social media. Social media links will be returned to, to the detail/preview page for the news or event item.