Arizona Council of Engineering and Scientific Associations
SMART Competition High School Division 2022
10/15/2022 thru 11/7/2022 — beginning at Midnight

In a world increasingly dependent on energy efficiency, sustainability, redesign and reuse, the SMART Competition invites university and high school students to become part of the solution.  Student teams will have the opportunity to use professionally available design software to create their sustainability solution while also having access to international experts who will support their efforts as mentors and sponsors.

Teams are comprised of 3 to 4 students, an educator sponsor, and a technical professional serving as a mentor.  Teams may register for the competition at any time.  Registered teams create their individualized competition schedule, typically 1-3 months in duration.  Any type of school, in any country, is eligible to participate.


There are two competition sessions per year.

  • Registration for Session 1 ends on February 15. 
  • Judging for Session 1 is from April 1 – May 7. 
  • Registration for Session 2 ends on July 15. 
  • Judging for Session 2 is from October 15 – November 7.


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