Arizona Council of Engineering and Scientific Associations
Taking Flight at EVIT
Saturday, 11/4/2023 — 8:00 AM
This is a great event for anyone interested in aviation. You get a chance to meet aircraft afficienados, both professional and hobbyist.
As always it is free to have a booth space for your group.  We will provide tables, chairs and power. This will be a great opportunity for all of you to connect and engage with the students and community.  Nearly 400 students are participating in the Foam Board glider Challenge this year.  These students are from all over the valley, and already have an interest in Aviation, Aeronautics and Aerospace.  If you do not plan on being a part,  just send an email back saying we can not be a part of the event.
To sign up for a booth please use this link ... Taking Flight at EVIT
Link to the event page ... Taking Flight at EVIT
Thank you so much!!!
Paul Kaup
Southwest Airlines Captain
AIAA Phoenix Section STEM chairman
CEO, Co-founder of STEM+C
This entry first activated 9/10/2023 and has not yet expired.
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