Arizona Council of Engineering and Scientific Associations
Az CSO 2021-2022 Leadership Training Institute
7/21/2021 thru 7/23/2021 — beginning at 4:00 PM

Chief Science Officers (CSOs) are 6-12th grade youth, selected to serve as STEM ambassadors in their schools and communities. A key goal of the program is to place youth squarely in the center of STEM awareness, promotion, experience and community action.

The program works to:
- create a global network of diverse STEM leaders,
- foster communication and collaboration among CSOs,
- enrich STEM culture and career awareness, and
- amplify youth voice in STEM conversations in the community.

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New and Returning Sites - Getting Started for 2021:
Interested schools and locations complete the Site Intent to Participate Form. Each site has a staff or team member to serve as an advisor and mentor for the students selected. Training and support is provided all year for CSOs and their advisors!


Site Intent to Participate Form




Select and Register CSOs:
Each site identifies the students to train as Chief Science Officers by hosting an election or selection process. Sites often ask students to complete a self-nomination form to gain interest and evaluate candidates.

All CSOs must complete the Registration Form. New CSOs will gain access to the CSO Google Domain. Returning CSOs use their current CSO Account.


CSO Registration 2021-22


Attending Training and Taking Action:
CSOs will attend an annual REQUIRED Leadership Training Institute (LTI) to learn the basics of being a CSO. They will brainstorm Action Plan ideas to make an impact at their schools and in the community.

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This event is VIRTUAL!

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