Arizona Council of Engineering and Scientific Associations
Southwest Maker Fest
Saturday, 2/19/2022 — 10:00 AM

We invite you to share and learn with Arizona’s community of inspiring makers: all ages of scientists, artists, teachers, students, inventors, engineers and more!

Southwest Maker Fest

Southwest Maker Fest (SWMF) offers big family fun, wonder-filled
experiences and cool learning. At SWMF you can:

  • stimulate your curiosity
  • inspire the maker inside you
  • experience new art forms, inventions & technologies
  • try creative techniques
  • mingle with makers!

Explore an experiential playground for all ages!

  • @SWMakerFest on Twitter & Instagram
  • #swmakerfest22

Cindy Ornstein
Executive Director, Mesa Arts Center, Director, City of Mesa Arts & Culture

Office: 480.644.6601 | Cell: 810.730.0795

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Live public gathering!

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