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2024 GCOI Teacher of the Year

Nominations for the 2024 Teacher of the Year are now being accepted! 

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Arizona's Teacher of the Year has been honored annually for many years. Click here for a description of a successful Teacher of the Year

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Nominations now open for the 2024 Teacher of the Year Award

Each year, the Arizona Technology Council (AzTechCouncil) and the Arizona Commerce Authority present the Teacher of the Year award to Arizona’s top STEM or CTE teacher. The presentation will take place at the annual Governor’s Celebration of Innovation (GCOI) awards ceremony along with awards honoring Arizona’s top students and technology companies.

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GCOI's Arizona Teacher of the Year

Governor's Celebration of Innovation

Honoring a Teacher of the Year (AzTOY) has been part of the Arizona landscape for many years, and in the early 2000's the Arizona Technology Council under the leadership of Steve Zylstra, in partnership with the Arizona Commerce Authority headed by Sandra Watson, incorporated this award program into their annual technology awards showcase. The Teacher of the Year award winners represent the best of the best of Arizona educators in STEM and CTE curriculum.

2024 entry information.

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Everett Allan Greenli, March 16, 1937 - October 21, 2023

Remembering Everett Greenli, past president of ACESA. Everett was the consummate engineering professional. Always looking for opportunities to engage other engineering professionals from the over 60 engineering disciplines represented in Arizona, for the benefit of the engineering community and for the educators and students we serve.

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GCOI Teachers of the Year and Future Innovators of the Year

All GCOI Teacher-of-the-Year and Future-Innovator-of-the-Year award recipients are listed here.

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What I've learned about those who succeeded
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Infographics for free distribution

Here are some posters and graphics that help tell about science, engineering and careers, royalty free.

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Question: What do you wish you had known before becoming an engineer?

Recently, in an on-line forum, a high school teacher asked a simple question. Here are some of the answers from working engineers, and some of the top answers:

  • Engineering is worth nothing if the designer/engineer can’t communicate to their clients/users why their product matters.
  • Engineering is not all calculations. More often than not, my days are spent reading multiple code provisions.
  • Not every engineer needs to do high-level math.
  • I'd teach the art of answering questions that aren't designed to be solved. 99% of everything I was asked in high school and 90% of college were questions that led you to the answer.
  • Engineering is odd field in that it's so broad you can't really say what it is that they do.

An infographic about what electrical engineers do is available here.

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Engineering Is Big In AZ!!

The Phoenix Business Journal has compiled some statistics on the local Engineering economy.

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STEM or CTE? What's the difference?

What is STEM? What is CTE? What do these acronym’s stand for? What method(s) are involved in the utilization of and/or application of these concepts?

In today's educational environment, STEM and CTE are sometimes treated as separate disciplines, but underneath there are many similarities. How do we apply these “tools” to educational needs and our everyday environment?

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Volunteer Openings at ACESA

ACESA is expanding and there are volunteer opportunities available right now! All of the three primary projects at ACESA are looking for volunteers.

If you would like to take on some of the planning and execution, or just ask questions, please contact an ACESA board member. You may have seen the ACESA show booth at many of the street fairs and STEM events around the Valley. This year we would like to expand to include the technical societies and associations that are available to our professional colleagues.

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STEM Careers in the U.S. Military

To learn more, click here how we use STEM in the military today!

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Volunteer opportunities at Az Science Lab
The Arizona Science Lab (ASL) offers STEM workshops for student classes in grades 4-8. These are four-hour, project-based workshops taught by expert volunteer engineers and scientists. It is an exciting science field trip for Arizona students!
Volunteers are needed on a regular basis.
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26 Feb 2024
2024 SARSEF call for volunteers
Judge and volunteer for the 69th Annual SARSEF Science and Engineering Fair Signup: 1st Feb 2024 through 29th Feb 2024 Judge: 2nd Mar 2024 through...
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 until Saturday, 09 Mar 
02 Mar 2024
 11:00 AM 
2024 Changemakers in STEM Virtual Youth Congress
Part 3 of 2024 Changemakers in STEM Virtual Youth Congress Planned for and by students, this unprecedented Congress will bring together youth from around the world through...
02 Mar 2024
2024 SARSEF call for judges
Judge and volunteer for the 69th Annual SARSEF Science and Engineering Fair Signup: 1st Feb 2024 through 29th Feb 2024 Judge: 2nd Mar 2024 through...
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 until Thursday, 07 Mar 
09 Mar 2024
 11:00 AM 
SARSEF Community STEM Expo & Awards Ceremony
Saturday, 9th Mar 2024 – Georges DeMeester Outdoor Performance Center in Reid Park 11:00-1:30 Come experience hands-on science activities at the different booths and...
23 Mar 2024
 10:00 AM 
2024 Paiute Sci-Tech Fun Fest
We would like to invite you to our first Sci-Tech Fun Festival to celebrate here on March 23rd  from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Please contact us for more information.  Maria...
28 Mar 2024
STEM Cafe at GCU
The event will be March 28th at GCU. They are targeting 400 attendees from 40 Valley schools, the technical community, and from industry (STEM professionals).
03 Apr 2024
Az Science and Engineering Fair 2024
AzSEF 2024 will be held at Mountain American Stadium (a.k.a. Sun Devil Stadium), 500 East Veteran's Way, Tempe, AZ 85287. Plenty of free parking for this event and on-site concessions! ...
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 until Saturday, 06 Apr 
10 May 2024
PER334 – When Disaster Strikes: Prepare, Act, Survive
The official registration instructions can be found here:   Bulletin - PER334-007 - May 10-11 - Mesa.docx That document will give you instructions on how to set up an...
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 until Saturday, 11 May 
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