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Future Innovator and Teacher of the Year Awardees

The winners of the 2019 GCOI Future Innovator and Teacher of the Year awards have been announced!

I wish to thank all of this year’s students for the great job they have done when responding to the judge’s questions. I hope you all will continue to follow the STEM choices you have made and that you have great success in your chosen field of study.

In addition, the teachers selected for this year’s honors have gone that extra mile to help students prepare for success in their STEM fields while also helping other teachers improve their teaching methods.

Ray Quackenbush


2019 GCOI Future Innovator of the Year

Ella Wang

Basis Chandler High School
Chandler, AZ
A Novel Approach to Improving Crop Yields: Curd Residue to Enhance Soil Productivity


Emily Ignatoff

Tanque Verde High School
Tucson, AZ
An Investigation of the Interaction Between Marine Microalgae and Microplastics Over Time


Sky Harper

Navajo Preparatory High School
Farmington, NM
Novel Artificial Synthesis of Sugar from Non-Organic Compounds for Renewable Cellular Energy


Yutan Zhang

Basis Scottsdale High School (18-19, International Program)
Scottsdale, AZ
Conceptual Design of Large Subsonic Transport Aircraft With Advanced Configuration


2019 GCOI Future Innovator Honorable Mention

Hannah Guan and Maghna Ramesh    

Hamilton High School
Chandler, AZ
Evaluating the Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Zileuton on Neuronal Cell Viability in an Alzheimer’s Model of Disease


Matthew Fosdick

Empire High School
Tucson, AZ
A Novel Approach to Renewable Energy: Light Simulated Active Cation Transport Membrane Via Covalent Modification with a Photoacid


2019 GCOI Teacher of the Year

Katy Gazda

Red Mountain High School
Now Teaching: Biotechnology, Concepts and Techniques, Advanced Biotechnology, Scientific Research


2019 GCOI Teacher Honorable Mention

Oguz Guvenc

Davis- Sonoran Science Academy Davis-Monthan
Now Teaching: 11th Grade Physics, 12th Grade Dual Enrollment Engineering 102, 12th Grade Video Game Design


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