Mesa Public Schools' 9th Annual Science & Engineering Fair

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2/25/2020  thru  2/26/2020

Beginning at Midnight

From: Tisha Bourne []
Subject: Invitation to Judge at Mesa Public School Science & Engineering Fair

Mark your calendars! Mesa Public Schools' 9th Annual Science & Engineering Fair is February 25 - 26, 2020!

We are recruiting judges to evaluate project boards, interview students, and share your expertise. Your time at this fair inspires students!

Judging opportunities are unlimited! 

Grade levels (5th - 12th) - variety of science and engineering categories - Animal Science to Robotics

  •   Half day session - 3 hours - including a brief orientation,  one session of student interactions, and project scoring
  •   Full day session - 5 hours - including a brief orientation,  two sessions of student interactions, and project scoring
  •   Option to judge one or both days
  •   May request grade level and categories based on your comfort and background

Lunch and snacks will be provided. If interested, please complete this form.   

Questions? Contact: Tisha Bourne _at_, or call

Thank you for supporting our budding scientists and engineers!   


Tisha Bourne

Elementary Science &

Social Studies Specialist


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