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AzJSHS - Junior Sciences and Humanities Symposium
2/28/2020 thru 2/29/2020 — beginning at 8:00 AM


Arizona Junior Sciences and Humanities Symposium

AZJSHS is February 28-29 ASU Polytechnic Campus!

Dr. Shawn Jordan at ASU is our new co-director. Dr. Micah Lande left ASU to take a position at another university. Thankfully Shawn is jumping on board last minute and we are in the midst of getting everything moving. Our funding has not been dispersed from the NSTA/AEOP and we are working to see what the hold up is. Meanwhile, would you spread the word to fellow judges that we will need judges for the Saturday morning session? Shawn will also be reaching out with judges packets and information on Judge's meeting room location. The basic schedule is the same.

Please go to our website for basic information and follow our Facebook/Twitter for updates.




Event info: http://azjshs.org/
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